Jack BoydJack Boyd, the Owner of Cardio Options has first hand experience with cardiac monitoring devices since doctors once used the same devices to treat his son. His experience with cardiac monitoring companies that only shipped their devices through the mail inspired him to start Cardio Options and provide a high level of personal patient care.

We know that the process of using a cardiac monitor can be confusing during what is sometimes a very stressful time. At Cardio Options, we provide personal patient care for the use of cardiac monitors at NO COST to YOU. You will only pay your in network copay and/or deductible.

Cardio Options will supply a state-of-the-art cardiac transmitter for capturing EKG rhythms, instructional aides, and a toll free number for the patient answered by live technicians..

Patient calls are handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our team of licensed technicians.

Your physician will have access to the cardiac monitor reports through a secure login on the Cardio Options website.

Please ask your doctor about Cardio Options or call us at 1-800-953-8460.