Cardio Options services include cardiac event monitoring encompassing  wireless telemetry monitoring and 24-hour holter scanning.

This is at no cost to your facility. We offer several options for our patients and physicians based on the patient’s needs. Please see our FEATURES page.  This enables a physician to rapidly diagnose their patient and identify if their problems are cardiovascular. The information is transmitted to our 24/7 monitoring center staffed by certified cardiac technicians, registered nurses and licensed paramedics. A detailed report including each transmission is provided on our secure site, which can be accessed for use by the patient’s physician within minutes; verbal reports are provided immediately upon receipt of any abnormal arrhythmia episode. Our protocol can be customized to provide each clinic with their specific needs while maintaining our standards and guidelines.

Cardio Options will bill third party insurance carriers for each patient. We accept assignment from all insurance providers. Patients are only responsible for their in-network co-pay and/or deductible. We do not bill our patients for any out of network charges.