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About Cardio Options

About Cardio Options

Dedication to Service

Our team of specially trained cardiac technicians is available around the clock for patient care and physician support.



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Cardio Options provides each patient with the most advanced technology in cardiac monitoring, instructional resources, and direct personalized service 24 hours a day by our expertly trained and licensed medical professionals.

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    Cardiac Monitoring Made Easy, Made Personal

    From the President of Cardio Options

    jackboydpresident“I have 25 years of experience in the health care industry and first hand knowledge with cardiac monitoring devices since physicians used one to treat our son in 1999. Our experience with cardiac monitoring companies that only shipped their devices through the mail inspired me to create a company whose primary mission is to provide the highest level of personalized service and care to patients and clients. At Cardio Options, we are proud to provide that service, treating each and every patient like we wanted our son to be treated.”

    Jack Boyd